Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mo' Like Salvation Barmy

Some people just can't stop complaining.

Yes, it's the Salvation Army*, those sons of fun who used homeless people as hostages when the US government tried to stop them discriminating against gay people. They've got a new beef; another blow has been struck by heathens who dare to enjoy Special Baby Jesus Month without the Baby Jesus. Tim Minchin's absolutely beautiful Christmas song White Wine In The Sun, a track both Katie and I adore, has been included on a Christmas CD whose profits will go to the Sally Army. The song is, naturally for a Minchin classic, pretty critical of organised religion and the way it fucks with people: check it out.

Now that's bloody beautiful. But it focuses on living people, and warmth, and comfort and family, instead of a newborn with a halo. So these fucks are throwing an absolute shit-wobbler. They've called it a sick joke, which I think Tim would appreciate as quite a few of his jokes are - but still hilarious.

Well, let them squall. They're getting the money, they can bugger off if they think their moral outrage carries any weight with sensible people after the crap they've pulled.

*I remember when I was a kid, I was taken in and thought the name meant their function was to save people's lives. Given that they tried to refuse to feed the homeless when their faith-sanctioned bigotry was threatened, I'm slightly ashamed of ever thinking that preserving life was the organisation's focus.

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