Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm not a homosexual? (NSFW)

Reading about some insane shit that Michele Bachmann has said just reminded me about what a neuropsychologist said about me.

In a very long and detailed report, he basically summed me up as "Shy, manic depressed, suffers from ADHD, and while she says she's attracted to women, she isn't."

Sure, I'm not attracted to women in a normal way. I love women's bodies, I want to caress their breasts, to hold them tight against me, to kiss them tenderly, and to fuck them hard with my dick.

... wait a minute...

Yeah, I secretly want to bone women. That's how I am attracted to them. As for men, I want to bone them too, but I love the fact that my boyfriend can take me in a heterosexual manner. It's a weird feeling. I love being a woman, so I'm not transexual. I might be a transvestite though. Which is alright by Mick because I get to keep my vagina. And that's alright by me too. Even though my dream self keeps giving me dicks, I actually like being a woman.

And I like being in a heterosexual relationship with my man.

But sometimes I am reminded that I'm bisexual.

Now, I know that this blog isn't all about me. So I'm going to stop talking about me and talk about other people.

Like this neuro doctor, who spent 10 minutes talking with me, then shoved me in a small room to do a series of tests, and then decided he knew all about me (they were pretty good tests though.), there are multiple others who believe that being gay isn't the fault of the person.

But it is a fault and has a cure.

What is the cure you might ask? Why it's simple. Just pray the gay away.

You simply join a ministry, abstain from sex, and if you're a tranny you throw away the clothes that you feel good about wearing but isn't considered normal for the gender you were born in. Then you go to church, confess every sin, pray every day, read the bible, get a good job, date a few members of the opposite sex, and then just hate yourself because you're still sexually attracted to members of the same sex.

This has actually led to suicides.

Now, I'm not saying that being a Christian means that you have to be straight as an arrow. After all, I'm bisexual. In fact, I have met ministers and members of churches who believed that the bible doesn't come out and state that being gay is sinful. My boyfriend may speak differently, but if you take all of the bible and follow every single law to the letter, then my mother would still be married and not allowed to speak in church except through her husband, and I would be stoned to death at the door of my parents.

The bible is open to interpretation. And my interpretation is that all genders are equal, and all peoples of different faiths, cultures, and sexual orientation should be free to speak, free to live, free to worship (or not worship), free to learn, and, most importantly, free to love.

America wasn't founded on Christian beliefs, nor is it run on them like other countries are. America wasn't founded on hate or prejudice against others (even if some of the founding fathers were bigots, sexist, and racist... okay, all of them). And America wasn't born to hate.

But why are so many people saying that God should always stay in the pledge, as it always has; that all men, be they atheist, Muslim, Christian, or Buddhist should swear on the bible; that homosexuals should be killed or at the least they shouldn't be encouraged by marriage?

Well, let me tell you something.

The pledge of allegiance never contained the word "Under God" until the mid 1900s.

People swear on the bible because it is sacred to the individual, but for someone who doesn't believe in it, swearing on it is about as effective as swearing on a piece of toilet paper.

And one last thing.

Heterosexuals are the ones who have gay babies. ;p

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm such a slut.

This utter bullshit.

I was randomly looking on one of my favorite websites (memebase), when I came across a picture of a boy carrying a sign that said "My mom is a slut", with the mom behind him. A link took me to a website that explained what it meant.

Slutwalk started in Toronto after a few women heard the Toronto police's stance on rape and sexual assault. The Toronto police pretty much said that any woman who is raped or assaulted or abused is a slut. It's her fault, she's wearing the wrong clothes, she's being too free, she's the one opening herself to rape so it's her fault.

You've probably heard this before as well. Society blames the victim. It always has. And sexual abuse and rape can go both ways. When it's done to a woman, if she isn't yelling bloody murder and trying to kill her rapist, then she's done it willingly. Even religions may give laws that insinuate the blame is also on the victim. But I won't get into that

Slutwalk took me to their facebook page where multiple people put up news pages, outraged at the contents. Above is one such news page.

If you didn't read it, it's about a special ed student, a female seventh grade studen, who reported that she was raped by a classmate. Not only did the school not file a report, but they punished her for making false accusations and forced her to write an appology letter. All this without telling police or parents. They sent her back to class, the same class that the rapist was in.

It was after this that he pulled her out to the library and raped her again. She was afraid of telling the school because they wouldn't believe her.

A rape kit was administered and the boy's semen tested positive. There was proof of rape. He even admitted that he was guilty of raping her.

And still the school does not even give an appology. They're being sued.

I've read stories from the Slut walk. So many women are told they are sluts, in a bad, a horrible way, because they like sex or they wear slutty clothing, or even because their bodies grew big boobs. It's a horrible word that makes the victim feel small. And when a girl is called a slut, boys and men might think that because she's easy, she'll have sex with them. She'll be forced to giving the men pleasure, and afterwards they hate her. Family members and friends are not always considerate, especially since most cases of sexual assault, abuse, and rape happen to a girl by someone they know.

"No, your uncle couldn't have done that! I know him, he's my brother!"

It's so different when you look on the outside. But you can never truly know someone. They don't show you the same face they'll show their coworkers or their spouse.

Some women can't even file a police report because even though their husbands have been yelling at them and making them feel like shit, cornering them and telling them that they will rape them, the husbands never touched them. It was the woman who hit them first.

Some people can't file rape because they say yes for their own safety.

Some people can't file rape because they were so stoned they couldn't even talk.

I'll make it simple. If you let the person that you never wanted sex, and they put you in a situation where you were forced to say yes, then that is rape. Even if you didn't yell or fight back, it's rape.

Be strong. Don't let people judge you for what clothes you wear or how sexual you want to be. It is never your fault. Men won't pick and choose based on clothing or how a woman carries herself. He would have taken you even if you were just wearing sweat pants instead of that miniskirt.

Be proud of who you are. If you love sex, don't let others words hurt you. Sex is a natural part of life and is a beautiful and wonderful thing. Just because some people take it and abuse it and turn it into some horrible nightmare, that doesn't mean that you did anything wrong.

Wear revealing clothing. Blush and laugh about the sexual adventures you enjoyed. Live freely, love freely.

Women have the right to be as sexual as they want. They have the right to say no and to be free of sexual abuse. And for those uncounted men who also are raped and abused, and for those who are finding their place in their sexual and gender identities, be brave and fight for who you are and who you love.

Everyone should have the right to a life without rape.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fuck Zimbabwe

Okay. I've been on my own again for nearly two weeks, and I'm good and pissed now. So here we go.

I know it's entirely possible someone from Zimbabwe will read this. I'm actually fine with that possibility, because it means they'll have this pointed out to them in a way that Mugabe shithead won't be able to cushion.

The company that runs the mine is headed by a personal friend of President Mugabe. A second camp is located in nearby Muchena
"It is the place of torture where sometimes miners are unable to walk on account of the beatings," a victim who was released from the main camp in February told the BBC.
All the released prisoners the BBC spoke to requested anonymity.
"They beat us 40 whips in the morning, 40 in the afternoon and 40 in the evening," said the man, who still could not use one of his arms after the beatings and could barely walk.
"They used logs to beat me here, under my feet, as I lay on the ground. They also used stones to beat my ankles."
He and other former captives said men are held in the camp for several days at a time, before new prisoners come in.
Women are released more quickly, often after being raped, witnesses said.

Is there anyone, anywhere in the world, with a healthy psyche, to whom this wouldn't appear obscene?

There's only so much a population can take. And if - when - Zimbabwe finally gets tired of this ancient, spiteful, malicious, corrupt, lying, delusional, power-mad, self-aggrandised, bigoted, horribly abusive old despot...then it'll be bloody. He'll fight them with everything he's got. But he can't kill all of them. And they'll tear him apart. Or if he dies first, then whichever crony replaces him. The populace will murder him, and a lot of people will die. All we'll be able to do from outside is pick up the pieces...however few there are.

Looking at this shitpile, I'm very tempted to hope they get it over with soon. At least he won't poison them any more.