Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fuck Zimbabwe

Okay. I've been on my own again for nearly two weeks, and I'm good and pissed now. So here we go.

I know it's entirely possible someone from Zimbabwe will read this. I'm actually fine with that possibility, because it means they'll have this pointed out to them in a way that Mugabe shithead won't be able to cushion.

The company that runs the mine is headed by a personal friend of President Mugabe. A second camp is located in nearby Muchena
"It is the place of torture where sometimes miners are unable to walk on account of the beatings," a victim who was released from the main camp in February told the BBC.
All the released prisoners the BBC spoke to requested anonymity.
"They beat us 40 whips in the morning, 40 in the afternoon and 40 in the evening," said the man, who still could not use one of his arms after the beatings and could barely walk.
"They used logs to beat me here, under my feet, as I lay on the ground. They also used stones to beat my ankles."
He and other former captives said men are held in the camp for several days at a time, before new prisoners come in.
Women are released more quickly, often after being raped, witnesses said.

Is there anyone, anywhere in the world, with a healthy psyche, to whom this wouldn't appear obscene?

There's only so much a population can take. And if - when - Zimbabwe finally gets tired of this ancient, spiteful, malicious, corrupt, lying, delusional, power-mad, self-aggrandised, bigoted, horribly abusive old despot...then it'll be bloody. He'll fight them with everything he's got. But he can't kill all of them. And they'll tear him apart. Or if he dies first, then whichever crony replaces him. The populace will murder him, and a lot of people will die. All we'll be able to do from outside is pick up the pieces...however few there are.

Looking at this shitpile, I'm very tempted to hope they get it over with soon. At least he won't poison them any more.

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