Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Evangelical Christians Will Steal Your Children*

*If you're gay and they get a chance.

Okay I'm seriously fucking pissed now. A lesbian couple have a daughter with one of them birthing the baby, and then later they separate. All sane so far. The biological mother of the child, who has custody while the other has visitation rights, converts to evangelical Christianity and declares they've 'cured' her of being gay. Retarded as shit as far as declarations go, but fuck her and good luck if she's dumb enough to try suppressing who she is.

Except now, her new religion means she doesn't want her child tainted by The Gay. She's been denying her ex-partner, Janet Jenkins, visitation rights to the child, resulting in the same court that ordered them now ruling that her ex legally has sole custody of the kid, named Isabella.

Mother and child went missing shortly afterward. They never turned up for the switch of custody, and they're now believed to be in Nicaragua - where they stayed, hidden from the law and the girl's decidedly rightful mother, in a house owned by a guy with close ties to Liberty University, home of bigots and brain(?)child of insane anti-Semite Jerry Falwell. Miller had had help stealing the little girl; a pastor from (fucking guess where) Tennessee has been arrested by the FBI in connection with smuggling Isabella out of the US, which is the new development that brought this to my attention.

The mother, Lisa Miller, had been attempting to fight the court order revoking her custody rights:

Miller also argued that Jenkins has testified that she would not attend church and would not take Isabella to any church that "taught hatred and bigotry."

I love that she thinks not taking the kid to church and not teaching hatred and bigotry means Jenkins shouldn't be allowed to raise the child. That's some quality insanity right there. More on this as/when it develops, although it might be a while as no one has seen or heard from Miller since November of 2009. What the shit the Nicaraguan authorities are doing about this remains to be seen.


  1. The daughter is the more tragic victim in all of this. She's at the ripe pliable age for doctrine brainwashing - she will be taught that the woman she thought of as her other mother is evil and she should condemn her. She's been dragged every which way in this battle because of a confined group of bigots who believe they have every right to ruin the lives of whomever stands against them and their order of what's "right".

    Honestly, when has love become such a dirty concept to these people? Moreover, I would really like to see what possessed Lisa Miller to think she's been "cured". Or heck, why she became evangelical in the first place? Perhaps she herself is also a victim of brainwashing and mob bullying, but only she would know.

  2. Well, if she's been brainwashed, or peer-pressured, no she wouldn't. The brain is capable of terrifying gymnastics to justify submission.

  3. So how is this any different than if the couple had been hetero? Wouldn't the outcome of the born-again ex-partner's running away with their child been the same?

  4. Entirely possible. Given what I've seen of them, they'd seriously consider stealing a child like that. As it stands, though, the main reason she's taken the kid is that the woman with legal custody is gay.

  5. Let's look at it from the mother's point of view. She is gay, and it might be that she's just bi or she was bicurious. Either way, she went from being attracted to a woman to rejecting her attraction. She has to now worry about a daughter.

    She joins a church, and with such a great community and all that, this is where she finds that her sexuality was a sin and that she should leave behind being a lesbian. For this church, being gay condemns you to hell, and not going to church is bad. She keeps thinking about what's best for her daughter, so she talks to her ex. The ex, in her mind, might be a good person, but is still sinning, proud.

    The ex says "I'm not taking my daughter to church, especially not one like yours that teaches hate and bigotry". The mother takes this as an insult. Even moreso when the courts stand behind the ex's decision.

    She thinks she has nothing else to do, and still thinking about her own and her daughter's sake, she flees the country.

    That doesn't mean that what she did was right. But behind a Christian point of view, it is understandable.

  6. I'm in total agreement there, honey. There's definitely a motive. The problem naturally comes when anyone else, or any other kind of Christian, looks at this. Because it's only *not bullshit* when viewed from that perspective.