Monday, July 12, 2010

Amanda Lepore; I don't believe in her.

Amanda Lepore Wikipedia

Yes. That is a transexual. Yes, she does look fake.

If you need a closer image, here she is again:


She apparently has done so much surgery to herself that she looks plastic. WHY would anyone want to look like someone just molded them out of modeling clay, I do not know. Compared to it, Michael Jackson looks like a failed attempt!

Sure, she is a very beautiful woman. She has everything right, pale skin, nice hair, a gorgeous bosom, thick lips... She just looks so fake, I can't believe someone would even want to look that way! How could they do that on purpose?

I think it's the boobs that do it. Those pearly white, absolutely round, gravity defying boobs. And the face doesn't help either.

I'm all for transexuals and plastic surgeries. I just cannot believe when someone makes themselves look so fake that they look ugly.

As always,

The Christian.

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