Monday, July 12, 2010

First Post

Right. Dunno what to write here. My soon to be boyfriend, the atheist Angry Monkey, keeps on ranting to me about the bullshit of the world. So I, the Christian, shall relay to the world our discussions. Sometimes he might come on and talk. Dunno how. But I shall figure out a way.



So, first off, why I started this.

Well, my soon to be boyfriend is very opinionated. And I have to sit through his rants. And listen to him. And get bored. I'd rather be reading why he's outraged instead of him telling me why. So hopefully I can ask him to send me a link of whatever is making him like this, and we can be outraged together. Because some things are filled with such shit as to anger both an atheist and a christian.

Of course, this site might also be about when we disagree on things. Like, should we wait to have sex, or is that just silly? Do people need religion or do they need to see the light? Would the world be better without the anime Saiyuki? And so on and so forth. You know, the important things!

So, as always, I shall sign off until I get more outraged about some misdeed of some sort.

Yours truly,

The Christian.

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