Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Protests at Comic-Con

Phelps Clan Plans to Protest at Comic-Con!

The reason?

Apparently, God hates nerds.

While I am not God, I can assure everyone that nerds are not outed by God. But they are outed by the Phelps clan, the most retarded group of Christians I have ever heard of, for, apparently, worshiping superheroes like Superman as though they are worshiping Gods.

From the Book of Superman, Issue #12. "And Lo, Our Lord Superman flew through the skies, and the people below cheered his praise as he flew over his flock. And he did take Lois Lane, his one true love and disciple, and he kissed her fully on the mouth. And on the third day, he defeated a villain, and all was good.

Yeah, right.

Apparently, the reason they stand behind this is by taking a passage from the bible: Romans 9:13. Wanna guess what it says? "As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated."

Now, my only guess is that they think that Esau is the nerd. It's in fact opposite. Esau is the idiot jock who stupidly sold off his inheritance. Of course, Jacob kinda conned his brother...

Well, if anything, this just proved that, yet again, the stupid and the weak minded need no reason to hate. They just will. It does greatly tempt me to go to Comic-Con, dress up as Supergirl, convince a cosplayer dressed as Batgirl to make out with me in front of the protesters, and, this is the important part, for a group of DC fans to gather around us and "worship us" with their lusty grins.

That. Is what I would call righteous revenge.

As always,

The Christian and the Atheist.

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