Tuesday, August 3, 2010

US BP distributors consider reverting to Amoco brand

In the latest of a series of what can only be described as dick moves by people on the fringes of the Gulf fuckup, a group of British Petroleum's American distributors are considering shifting their displayed brand name from BP to the old Amoco brand with the clear intention of making it look like they have no link to BP's hideous PR mistakes and general profiteering-driven dickery. The worst part is that the people who don't know who Amoco are/were will take this as a good move by the distributors instead of sleight of hand intended to fool the public eye. Enough of those people will be buying products under the 'new' Amoco label that there'll still be roughly the same profits going to BP - and they'll feel justified in having engaged in blatant misdirection in order to ignore public opinion and still rake in the cash.

Looks like there'll be a number of people hearing about this from me soon enough. Those around me, expect angry diatribes about liars and dickwads.

- The Atheist

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