Saturday, August 21, 2010

Who is this Graham cracker?

This just in: Islam and Judaism are genetic traits that can be canceled out by accepting Jesus!

Franklin Graham, I salute you. But I thumb my nose at the end of it, then bend over and fart tremendously in your general direction. You have reached a new limit for monstrously barbaric worldviews in the face of GENETICS NOT WORKING LIKE THAT.

This may possibly be the most subtle bit of racism I've seen this year. You say that Islam is genetic, and make the same claim about Judaism in the same sentence. But then going on to say you can 'heal' yourself of Islamic genes by becoming Christian? So, like, making obesiance to your sky-daddy means that Muslims can cure the nasty brown person religion given to them by their fathers?

I've got to wonder if the loony twunt is thinking at all. I used to think you had to be very smart to appear this stupid. Nowadays, I'm starting to wonder if that was just a way of hiding from the fact that people really, honestly believe this shit.

As Monty Python said, you're a Catholic the moment Dad came...but then Franklin is the son of an evangelical preacher. He knows how to think out an argument like a mussel knows how to climb a tree.


  1. While I could do without the sky-daddy comment, it is absurd to think that someone can be Muslim by being born that way.

    The Jew thing is true, on the other hand.

  2. Only in as much as Jews were told by their own holy men to only marry other Jews, and kept that up for centuries. You can be born with Jewish heritage, with features common to Jewish people, but not with a religion built into your brain.

    Also, you're right, I'm sorry. Sky-daddy is a term of rage. I only use it when I'm pissed.