Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You Say Islamic Terrorist, I Say Christian Soldier...Let's Call The Whole Thing Off

Another reason churches should never control if we needed more proof.

So, the US military is having evangelical chaplains do the job of trained psychiatrists. Soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and suffering from battle-related problems like post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, are being referred to BLOODY PREACHERS instead of people who can help them.

So what are these preachers saying? Have a guess.

According to the reports of these veterans, the chaplains they were sent to for evaluation and treatment had the unmitigated temerity to urge, as a medicinal cure, a conversion to evangelical Christianity, and sometimes even went as far as disgustingly lacing their "counseling" with the soldiers' need to stay on the battlefield to "kill Muslims for Christ."

These fucks need to be told they're doing what the Templars did in Jerusalem. It's a crusade. It's killing in the name of a god, and its proponents should be castigated - along with every single goddamn Christian who doesn't condemn this and spread the news far and wide so all their friends can condemn it too. The bigger the public outcry, the faster this will be fixed up. I hope.


  1. Don't forget bro, the British military has been doing it for YEARS! Remembering back to my days in the Air Training Corps, one trip to a base near London had us talking to a RAF preacher who, using nicer language to 13-20 year olds, admitted to doing EXACTLY what you've just described and this what, what? 8 years ago?!

    Peace out!

    - The Godist (Slavek)

  2. -Slavek22

    Just because this has been going on for years, doesn't mean it's okay. A lot of bad things have been going on for years, and people are only finding out about them now.

    I honestly think that everyone should know about this, and everyone who disagrees should try to put a stop to it. Religion should not be forced down people's throats, and lives should not be taken in the name of any diety.

  3. Spark's not saying it's okay, I know he hates the idea. He's just reminding me he's witnessed it outside of the US.

  4. I know, but it sounds like he was suggesting it was 'old news', which feels a lot like the same thing. To a lot of people this is a new realisation.