Sunday, October 24, 2010

Godless Beautiful Thing Of The Week

Okay, here's the crack: that old concept of atheists having no sense of beauty since we don't stick a little copyright symbol with a halo onto gorgeous things? FUCK THAT. I'm tired of that, and so I'm trying out a weekly Godless Beautiful Thing - something we know is real, that we can all see is beautiful, and that doesn't appear - to us, and we're the ones seriously looking - to involve any gods at all.

This week's gorgeous thing is kind of a copout for a first go, but it's the most utterly obvious example of beauty I can think of. It's our planet.*

Now I realise this one's potentially a bit of a red rag to a bullshitter if any creatards come along. But I have a backup plan for that, and it doesn't involve judicious use of middle fingers and chair legs with TRUTH printed on them. It's just another video, but of a track by the utterly unstoppable Joe Hisaishi:

There. Two for one on the first go - can't say fairer than that. I even catered, for once, to the IDiots who might disagree with the first vid - although that's never, ever likely to happen again - so let's see how it goes. I'll run this for a month, and after that we'll see.

*Hat-tip to Daylight Atheism for the Earth link. Thanks, dudes.

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