Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Indoctrinate Your Child - The Girly Way!

What. The. FUCK.

Seriously, I don't even know where to start with this one. Using the Disney Princesses meme - because it is clearly fucking ripped off from there - as one of the most blatant pieces of outright propaganda and child indoctrination I've seen since that Iraqi school textbook (with examples of sentence structure that went 'I love Father Saddam. Do you love Father Saddam?') and then making it look like women, Biblically, weren't there to basically be sold by their fathers and as target practice if they stepped out of line.

For those who fear the fist-itch the link implies:

My Princess Bible shares stories of 19 women of the Bible through a rhyming story and a short takeaway summary in prose. Each story ends with two lines that remind the reader of valuable character traits of a princess; the little princesses are even encouraged to recite the learning of the biblical princess using her name in the blank instead: “________ is God’s special princess; ________ is sad when she does something bad” (the takeaway from the story of Eve). This format helps children see biblical women as princesses who teach us about godly principles. It also helps reinforce that the little girl reader is special and seen as a princess because she is created by God. The final story (number 20) is taken from Psalm 139 and features the reader as the godly princess. It reminds the reader that princesses are daughters of the King and are loved by God. Little girls will love to read My Princess Bible over and over to learn about God’s princesses.

If I had a daughter and anyone gave her one of those, I'd probably punch them. At the least I'd give them a Tim Minchin album. Anyone out there who'd do something different, or have hit a similar situation - whether with children of their own, or otherwise?


  1. I think I need to throw up, that is absolutely disgusting. Can someone burn down the publishing office for this book?

  2. Now, now, mate. They're the ones who do the burninhg of things they don't like. We're better than that.

  3. While I don't like how it's an obvious form of a disney meme... if they made a serious book of women from the bible for adults, I would buy that.

    I mean, there are plenty of admirable women in the bible. Sure, men of the world think of women as the daughters of Eve, the one who tempted man into sin, but if we forget about that, we'll see plenty of people who moved past sexism.

  4. It's not popular there? The Disney Princesses label has sold a lot of crap to impressionable kids over here. Maybe it's a cultural thing, or something.

  5. Oh, the Disney Princesses is everywhere I go. Any large department store often has an isle or two dedicated to it. Don't worry I wasn't serious about burning down any book publisher. Though it did make my jaw drop reading the book exert.