Friday, December 3, 2010


According to Congressman Steve King, who cannot possibly be the most racist person in American politics, and his side kick from Minnesota, the ever stupid Michelle Bachmann, did you know that your money is in danger of being taken away by the infamous blacks?

Who we all know to be either thieves or slaves... They are taking our money, and they feel entitled to take it for being thieves and slaves. How dare they.

I mean, I thought that my taxes were in danger of being taken away by politicians who waste it on golf and hiring famous musicians on so called business getaways! Who knew that it is really being taken by men and women who are supposedly being subjected to racism that, I am sure, was settled hundreds of years ago and could not have been going on until 15 years ago!

Who knew that these people who are subjected to the racist and cultural chains of being born black (and poor), in communities filled with crime and fear and hate and a lack of jobs and education are really thieves who are only after our jobs and moneys?


  1. Yeah! I was completely shocked too!

    'Cause we can completely trust anything a Texan Republican says about finance OR racial issues, let alone Minnesota's Dumbest Woman 'Batshit' Bachmann...

  2. As I've said before in other places, it doesn't bother me how much these politicians lie. It bothers me how many people actually believe this nonsense.

    It seems like most people are looking for a boogeyman to blame for all their troubles. Guess that's why I have so little hope that things will improve any time soon.

  3. The worrying part is that now it's officially possible for a white congressman to walk onto the floor of Congress and accuse a black President of stealing white people's money, without getting in any kind of trouble at all.