Friday, December 24, 2010

Happier Holidays

We don't like religious supremacists here.

We don't like any kind of divisive shit like the fake 'war on Christmas'.

We don't like people using the winter solstice as a 'reminder' of this myth that the US was meant to be a theocracy.

So, just for once this year, I'm going to shut up about those things. Because at this point in the year, I don't even like not liking them. For this weekend alone I'm going to focus solely and without exception on the good things in my life.

Speaking as someone who finds it hard to actually express affection most of the time, I'm dedicating this end-of-year post to the person who makes it easiest for me to do so.

With that in mind, until this holiday's over I relinquish the anger and the sense of injured innocence, and the stance against bigotry and fuckheadedness. Just for now, I don't care. We're going to be spending this Christmas apart, and I'm going to be thinking solely of her.

Find someone you're happy with, and stay next to them as much as you can over this weekend. If you're around them all the time, make a special effort anyway. If only for the sake of those of us who can't do the same.

Have a good holiday, guys.

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