Thursday, December 9, 2010

If This Is Salvation, Don't Salve Me Bro

For FUCK'S SAKE. It's as if these dickhats were deliberately trying to piss people off so they could point to the reaction and say they're being, that's the Westboro Baptists.

This is all over Pharyngula and a couple of other places, but the basics are as follows:

The Salvation Army are being assflakes again destroying any Harry Potter or Twilight toys donated to them, without telling the donors.

The FUCK. No shifting to other charities (because that would be 'supporting the toys'), no returning them not even any notification to the people who've spent money on these that they're just going to be thrown out for not being Jesusy enough. Oddly enough, according to the article, toy machine guns are absolutely fine. Just not witches and vampires and werewolves.

Someone at their policy office needs their genitals kicked into their lungs.


  1. I read about that this morning as well - so much for the season of goodwill. I don't even have the heart to make a comment against the burning of a Twilight toy.

  2. They're not burning them, they're just throwing them out.

    What's sickening about the hypocrisy of it is that they told the paper they move them to other charities, but they told that guy - presumably when they thought no one would hear about it - that they just dispose of them, because moving them to other charities would 'support the toys'.

  3. I know, I was just making a quip about sparklepires being wonderful fuel for a pretty bonfire.

    Well, they don't want bad press like that getting out, however true it is. After all, they're supposed to be a group who are charitable. As hypocritical as they are by doing this.