Tuesday, January 18, 2011


A letter's been found from the Vatican to Irish bishops, basically ordering them not to report child-raping clergy to the police. Got the bastards.

I've been waiting for this for years. The Vatican's spent a very long time telling everyone it didn't do exactly this shit. They're going to bleed money really fucking quick now, not least because they've now been empirically, publicly proven as liars and hypocrites on this topic. They've declined to comment on it, which the armchair detective in me is inclined to stomp on as a dead giveaway, but even discounting that (since jumping all over 'no comment' is how tabloids do shit, and even profane slobs like me have standards) they're basically bang to rights here. Ratzi would be implicated too, since his department was the group in charge of investigating this shit for years.

Let's see how this pans out...I can't wait until Bill Donohue gets hit in the face with this shit.


  1. Yup... Ain't it fun when the liars, fuckers and thieves are caught with their pants down.

  2. It'd be a lot less tragic if - to extend the metaphor - they didn't keep taking those selfsame pants down at kids when they thought no one would see.

  3. As usual there will be excuses, hand-wringing, and obfuscation, but the Catholic church will just keep rumbling forward regardless of what happens. Sorry about the pessimism, but it's true.

  4. It is true, not just within the catholic church, that really, the human race will just go on as usual. There will always be murderers, rapists, and thieves, even among our most revered peers. But if we decent people can try our best to prevent it in any way we can, then that is just one way we can make the world better.