Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Something Awesome.

I've never shared this. But it is the ultimate answer to the idea that atheism leads to a loss of sense of beauty.

I'm just going to go and look up for a while.


  1. For the reasons narrated in this video I've loved astronomy and cosmology since I was a pre-teen (over 50 years ago). However, I haven't had the opportunity to really see the night time sky in years, let alone see it through a telescope. What a loss.

  2. Yeah, I live in a moderately sized city so I don't get the opportunity either. I compensate by having a bookmark on the Hubble gallery.


    Sometime in the future, I may make a trip to this place just to stare at the sky.

  4. Dark Sky islands...that's a fucking wonderful concept. I love it.