Saturday, March 19, 2011

Double sided bullshit is still bullshit

This. Is. Shit. (for the poor in Minnesota)

Yes. That is a link to republicans making it illegal for the poor and needy to get any sort of aid. Well, unless they have a bank account, which most don't. It prevents them from having twenty dollars in cash in their wallet. I mean really?

The idea behind it is so the money isn't used on drugs or things they don't need. Which by itself is a good idea and when you first read the title of it, that's all you think it is. But when you get deeper and follow the links, you realize that there are those who aren't drug users, who have no bank accounts or homes, and who desperately need the money.

Of course, the system is flawed. You could require drug tests and not give money out unless the person is clean. But they are still people who still need to live. What will they do without money?

It's crap what the system is. But it's worse that some people spend their entire lives contributing to how bad it is.


  1. You're dead right, honey.

    And like the end of the article says, the cards would only work in certain businesses, meaning you could only buy food from certain places if you were stuck with the card. I bet you they've already planned out which of their rich fucking friends' businesses to sell the rights to, should the bill pass.

    It reminds me of the coal mines that used to run in the Northeast of England, until quite recently. The mines used to run 'company shops' - the owners of the mines would also run a grocery store near the mine, and employees could ONLY get their food there - at a price markedly higher than ordinary food stores. A bit've Google research shows the same thing was present in the US but on a larger scale, with the creation of 'company towns', with every business in town run by the same owner:

    This is free-market capitalism at (almost) its worst. It gets absolutely corrupt very quickly.

  2. I have yet to understand this war being waged on the poor in the name of Jesus. I just can't see anywhere in my Bible's red letters where he would have approved but so many in my state (MS) insist that it's so.

  3. What astonishes me is how the Republicans can expect to try to control people's lives so thoroughly and *still* claim to be the party of small government and personal liberty. What a fucking joke.