Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Earthquakes and changing the world

This isn't exactly a rant, but recently there was an extremely large earthquake off the coast of Japan.

It was so massive that it pushed the earth and made it turn just a little faster. There are massive tsunamis happening and will happen both there and on the west coast of the U.S., not to mention what will happen to the islands in between. Biggest concern is the nuclear plants that had their power cut. If a nuclear reactor overheats, that could mean catastrophic results there and wherever the wind blows. The fall out could cover a wide area. Brave workers are doing their best in a last ditch effort of using seawater as coolant to prevent this from happening.

Not to be discourteous to the Atheist and all other atheists out there, I'm praying for those people. At the moment it's all I can do for them.

But this raised a conversation between my mother and myself. Well, partially. We were also talking about my future, with college and career after that. I had been talking about what I want to do with my talents. I want to create a picture that will change the world, which is a massive attempt in itself. Unluckily, my degree is going more towards advertising about this specific product or another (Graphic Design. Ugh.) She asked me if this is really what I want to do, to be making ads for companies. I told her flat out that the only goals I have that are set in stone require me to have a higher paying stable job for a few years, and that this is merely a means to an end.

Well, what about changing the world? I still want to do that. Eventually. And we talked about what sort of change. A change like an earthquake, that actually makes the earth turn a little faster? Or something that changes a person in a moment, where they feel a little happier for a few minutes?

I still don't know. I do know one thing.

Justin Beiber's existence changed my world. D: I can't go anywhere without hearing about him. Seriously, he is the thorn in my side. Many of you may agree with me. Unlike some guys (like N-Sync or the Jonas Brothers), who gained some popularity and faded into oblivion, I don't think the same will be said with Beiber. Will he forever torment us with his girlish looks and screechy adolescent voice? Or will he be arrested for inciting a riot with thousands of screaming girls, and finally have a black stain on his career?

We can only hope.

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