Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well, the bastards have been caught out AGAIN.

Sooner or later they must run out of credible priests. I mean this one's a cardinal, and the only thing above that is a Head Torturer Pope. It's odd that, while this shit gets pleas from the upper echelons that the victims not go public about it - so the sons of bitches involved can go free and be respected by the world at large - another priest elsewhere was defrocked for having sex with a woman over the age of consent.

Maybe it's only a sin to the Catholic church if whoever you have sex with actually enjoys it? It'd fit in with their love of guilt...

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  1. Organised religion REALLY needs to sort out its priorities!

    Simple answer: Reverential SHOCK COLLARS! A little shock emitter in their collars, go too close to a child BZZZT!

    Otherwise, let them have fun.

    These are guys who get locked in a little box a few times a week and people come in and tell them their weirdest sexual shit. And a priest has RETIRED his stuff and therefore has a LOT of repressed desires.

    Let 'em loose every now and then, a hooker or something would save the Vatican a LOT of embarassment!