Monday, September 6, 2010

The Phantom Dickhead Strikes Again

Sometimes I get the feeling that those people who react most violently to the idea of contraception are the ones whose parents should have used it better.

Okay. A family planning clinic in California gets firebombed, very close to an area where a mosque gets vandalised and its attendees find themselves targeted by graffiti scrawled all over it. I think that kind of hints as to what kind of person the perps are.

"I believe it's extremists who are, want to make a statement." - Planned Parenthood public affairs director Pasty Montgomery, who wins the WTF Name award for this week.

No shit it's extremists. From the amateurish flurry of attacks that draw more attention to them, to the  Neanderthal throw-shit-and-sometimes-work-out-how-to-light-a-fire approach that's worked so well for these fucks since the Bronze Age they're so desperately trying to go back to...isn't it obvious?

The report also says Ruth Gadebusch (a close second on the name) is upset at the lack of tolerance among those with different beliefs: "It's a terrible message. If you have a message to send there are better ways to do it. There are peaceful ways and in this nation we need to learn to respect views that differ from ours."

Well, strictly speaking, we don't. No one's entitled to respect without earning it for a start - and when, like these shitheads, an integral part of your views include a zero-tolerance, molotov approach to anything your parents and pastor told you you don't like? Fuck that shit. They've been brought up to actively disrespect and push back against other people even being allowed to express their points of view, or this shit wouldn't be happening.

And while the clinic's earned respect as far as I'm concerned (and most sane people) by making people's lives better when they're not ready to have a baby? Even though the early-term abortions they've performed make up less than 1% of the services they're offering, Captain Christ-humper couldn't give two tugs of a dead dog's todger.  You're either with his Bible or he's against you, and he's probably got a whole lot more bricks.

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