Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why is anyone with children even Catholic any more after this?

They always say it's a minority of priests who abuse children. That the majority can't be blamed for it.

They can't say that now. In case you can't get to that link, it's a report that shows EVERY Catholic congregation in Belgium has a horror story about a priest raping a minor in its past. EVERY. SINGLE. CHURCH. IN BELGIUM.

This goes beyond a minority. This means every single Catholic person in Belgium has been at risk from these sons of bitches. The report goes on to quote 124 anonymous victims, one of whom was sexually assaulted aged 17 and was told by a bishop to IGNORE THE PRIEST when she complained. It lists thirteen suicides and another six attempted suicides based solely on children suffering under abusive clergy. Most of it apparently started at age twelve but there are reports of it starting for some people as young as two. Most of the testimony's from people who came forward after a priest was defrocked for abusing his nephew - and who is apparently still receiving a £2,300 pension every month (getting on for $3,000) from the church.

Why is there still a fucking debate about this? How can EVERY SINGLE CHURCH in an entire country carry an example of this shit in its past, and no one find out until the police pull a surprise raid - and then the church says it's not covering it up?  They are REWARDING CHILD RAPE by stopping priests from working, but giving them money to live well on.

More importantly, why is no one going to just arrest Chief Inquisitor Pope Ratzi the Nazi when he comes to Britain this year? Answers should be put in the comments - the best suggestion will be taken to pieces and its components salvaged for use on a huge billboard greeting Ratzi at the airport...I wish.


  1. Agreed- reading stories like that, it is hard to argue that there isn't a cover up going on, large scale or community-spread. Like with a lot of things, it's easier to keep things quiet, sweep them under the carpet and hope it doesn't get out. In this case, it has gotten out and it will be hard to keep it quiet now. And because it's been kept quiet for so long that it's a hundred times worse. Especially if those priests still receive their pensions or some other form of compensation (I also noticed no mention of an actual defrocking, just disgrace, unless that is the same).

    The only problem with arresting the pontiff is the backlash from other Catholics; arresting their figurehead will be a massive insult to a lot of people who still believe in the doctrine, even if they are repulsed by the behaviour of the clergy and even if the Pope has a lot to answer for. But it should be his responsibility to weed out the bad sheep in the flock he's supposed to lead and make examples out of them; that as Catholics (and really, in ANY religion), they cannot abide by very morally abhorent practices.

  2. I don't give a toss who's insulted. I grew up Catholic before I started thinking in directions a priest wouldn't like; I'm more insulted by what happened to those kids (and I'm sad to say potentially some of my friends too; two priests in a ROW were done for paedophilia in the church attached to my primary school).If they ever prove he helped in the cover-ups, then he's guilty of crimes against humanity and should spend whatever remains of his worthless fucking life in a very small room. No one has a right not to be offended. No one.

  3. Well, okay, if he is proven guilty of helping cover up these crimes then I agree with locking him up with the rest of them - he shouldn't be seen condoning it even by turning a blind eye. But it will be damned hard to prove any of that.

  4. There's no doubt in my mind the bastard knew. There are already letters from him that discourage strict punishments for priests caught at it.