Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's Always Disturbing When The Spoof Articles Are Accurate...

Well, the Chief Inquisitor mad old shite is in Britain. So far, no one's taken a shot at him that I've heard about. I'd never condone killing the fucker, but given what he's done I can understand the feelings of people who'd want to. I'm going to blog the whole thing one day at a time, because the more fuss people make about Britain being accommodating to rich old dickheads who believe being gay is worse than raping children, the better.

Ironically, the one article I've read that's absolutely upfront about Ratzi's history of utter fuckery is this one here from The Daily Mash, whose URL gives a good hint at what it's about.

The first speech this bastard made in Britain compared atheists to nazis and said the Third Reich was trying to remove God from German culture. That's rich, coming from a Catholic who was in the Hitler Youth - and it flies completely in the face of what's actually true, since Hitler believed he was doing God's work and was Christian himself.

First day's nearly over. Let's see how far this country is willing to bend over to make way for this appalling, bigoted, self-righteous cunt.


  1. How can a former Nazis Youth not know without question that most Nazis propaganda made references to God?

  2. Oh, he knows. He just ain't sayin'.