Sunday, September 19, 2010

If You Can't Find The Words...

...quote a magnificent person. Or in this case, hook up a link to an amazing speech made by one.

I think he says it all.

Apparently the five 'plotters' arrested on suspicion of papal potshot planning were actually arrested because they made a joke in the canteen at work about shooting the Pope. What?

That's not big enough.


Which nation is it that I live in again? When did a bad joke become grounds for an arrest? I'm pretty sure now that this whole thing's because someone in the police felt the need to either find or invent an assassination attempt to foil heroically, so they'd look shit-hot on security. More on this as it develops.

1 comment:

  1. I think you need an exclamation mark on that What? I totally agree that someone was just looking for an assassination attempt for publicity. It also can't help that it would garner sympathy towards the Pope and make the anti-Pope group look bad. Always after those dangerous secularists and atheists, we are just there waiting to take down their institutions. Not that I wouldn't be happy for bad press on the Pope, no need to martyr the old asshole, he will die soon enough and then we will be in bliss for awhile that the world has no pope.