Monday, September 27, 2010

Bishop Long's crusade bites him in the ass.

Yup. If you pay attention to cnn news (either online or on the tv), you'd notice a bit of it just devoted to Bishop Eddie Long and an accusation made by several young men, claiming that he took sexual advantage of them as teenagers.

Now, for a priest who is known for his crusade against homosexuals to be accused of having sexual relations with young *men*... Better yet, he's a celebrity Bishop in a megachurch...

Does this sound familiar to you? Anyone? At all?

Now, if you look up "Bishop Eddie Long" in google, you'll find quite a few sites, mostly news rooms, and you might find more proof that this happened. Now, I really don't care if he did do it or not. I hope he didn't. All I'm angry at is why is it that anyone who takes a stand against homosexuals, why is it that they are always mixed up with a gay scandal?

Okay, it's not like I'm saying he's in the right with his "righteous" crusade against gays. I mean, I'm bisexual myself.

(But Katie! You're "The Christian"! You can't be gay!)

But I am. I'm attracted to both men and women (as I found when I was 16 and I fell in love with my best friend, Sara). Even before then, I knew it was wrong for people to be prejudiced against anyone different, whether they are gays, blacks, or Muslim. (Or a gay black Muslim). I was raised with the mindset to love your neighbor and to love God, and to a five year old, neighbors meant EVERYONE, even those I didn't meet. I would lament as I realized there were people I didn't know, and thus, didn't love!

But now I realize that my neighbor doesn't mean just anyone. It means someone who will sacrifice time and energy, and even themselves, for me. And this man, this Bishop Long, who I have never met, and who will damn me to hell as soon as he learns of how I want to fuck girls, he's not my neighbor. And for that... He deserves all the trouble he gets.

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